Sunday, March 16, 2014

Perfect Portions: Salad

Browsing through Pinterest I'd often see salads in pint sized mason jars.  They all look really pretty, but I'd always think to myself that it would be so hard to get the dressing all the way to the bottom of the salad.  Of course you could dump it into a bowl.  But then you have the problem of all your toppings being on the bottom. 

Then it hit me.  Build the salad in the jar upside down!  Build it in layers starting with what you would normally put on your salad last.  Why didn't I think of this before?  Umm....probably because I wasn't trying to make salads ahead in perfect sized portions before. 

 See how pretty it is?  I'm doing the Atkins Diet at the moment trying to shed as many extra pounds before my trip to Scotland as I can.  Salads make the perfect go to lunch if they are pre-made and ready to go. 

You could layer this with anything at all you would normally put in a salad.  This one is (starting from the bottom):

Diced Ham
Chopped Hard Boiled Egg
Sliced Cucumber
Sliced Red Onion

Then I packed as much lettuce in as I could manage.  This time it happens to be a combination of iceberg and romaine.  I don't do iceberg lettuce often, but while I'm on Atkins I really miss the crunch of things like crackers and croutons.   The crunchiness of the iceberg helps a lot with that.

When I'm ready to eat my salad, I'll just dump it into a large bowl and put my dressing on. 

I wonder what else I can pre-portion.

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