Friday, March 14, 2014

Seven Year Old In The House!

Monday was Braden's seventh birthday.  First he wanted a dirt cake.  Then he found out it had whipped cream in it.  After that, he wanted a cake that looked like a turtle.  THEN, he read a story about a caterpillar in school and he saw a couple of caterpillar cakes while I was browsing Pinterest.  Once he saw them, he was in love and wanted nothing else.

To be quite honest, I was grateful.  This is one of the easiest cakes I've ever made for one of the kids birthdays. 

He's also pretty easy to please when it comes to food.  Chili dog Mac and Cheese is his favorite.  We don't often eat a whole meal of processed food around here, but when it comes to birthday dinners all bets are off.  The child gets what they want. 

It's pretty simple.  Combine chopped up hot dogs with boxed mac and cheese.  Then stir in a can of hot dog chilli.  We like the kind without beans!

I'm sure you could make the mac and cheese from scratch as well as the chilli.  For us, it's something we have so rarely that I've never bothered putting that much work into it.  And everyone needs a fast throw together meal to fall back on every now and again. 

Just  because I want to, here are a few more pictures of the birthday fun.

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