Saturday, December 27, 2014

Glasgow Part 3: Glasgow Necropolis

I think Glasgow Necropolis was my favorite place in Glasgow.  It was peaceful and full of history.  There weren't many visitors there the day we went which added to the serenity of the place for me.  I don't have a lot to say about this place as I think the pictures speak for themselves.  It's quite simply a very old and very large cemetery. And also very beautiful. You can read more about it at

This old stone bridge leads from the grounds of the Glasgow Cathedral to the Necropolis.

Author of Wee Willie Winkie
The rows going up the hill are in tiers.  It was quite a steep climb.

My mom looking out from the top of the Necropolis at Glasgow Cathedral. 
This was one of a few tombs we saw.

Normally a broken statue like this would make me sad.  As a Doctor Who fan a beheaded stone angel seems less frightening than one with it's head attached.

As you can see, the cemetery stretches quite far.

A few of the stones hear the top of the hill.

My mom again.

There were so many wildflowers to photograph.  Lots of thistle, foxglove and ivy.

Some of the oldest areas are quite worn, and overgrown.  Yet at the same time the whole place seemed well groomed.
One more view stretching out toward the city.

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