Saturday, February 22, 2014

guten Morgen

I have been busy, busy, busy.  (Am I the only one who always thinks "busy, busy, busy" in the voice of the magician from Frosty The Snowman?) 

Today is World Thinking Day for Girl Scouts.  In few hours I will be at an event where several leaders from our Service Unit will be hosting booths representing different countries.  In case you don't know, World Thinking Day is a day for Girls Scouts to think about and learn about cultures and Girl Scouts / Girl Guides around the world.

My booth is Germany and I can't wait to see the girls all trying to say Pfadfinderin (that's German for Girl Scout).  I'll put up some pictures of my boot (and maybe some of the others) tomorrow.

For now, have a great Saturday and if you live in Michigan (or any other storm hit area) be careful out there.

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