Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's All For The Kids

Some days I'd like to just stay in my nice warm bed.  I think about how nice it is snuggled under the blankets, all lost in dreamland.  Today is a day I long to go back there.  It's Saturday.  My day that I normally insist on sleeping as long as I want.

Today is also the annual 4H Small Animal Cook Off.  It's something my kids look forward to every year.  So for their sakes, I'm up and moving and through my second cup of coffee on a Saturday.
 I feel like I've packed up half of my kitchen with three kids making recipes this year.  Plus we are providing the majority of the ingredients for the club recipe this year as well. 

I'm am very excited about the foods my kids are making and since I know one of the judges does read this blog now and then, I won't say now what they are.  However, tomorrow I will post the recipes for everyone. 

My oldest has been doing this since her first in 4H.  I think this is her seventh year.  It's the fourth year for my middle child.  And the first year for my  youngest.

I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about my youngest.  Some days he's very out going and will talk to anyone about anything.  Others he becomes shy and won't talk at all.  Here's hoping he is in a talkative mood.

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