Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome to Making Ends Meet

Welcome to my new blog, Making Ends Meet.  Prices seem to keep rising and finances keep getting tighter.  For us it seems harder and harder each day to make the dollar stretch.  We struggle, we scrimp, we make sacrifices yet there never seems to be any extra.

So I have created this blog to chronicle my families struggles and triumphs.  Will be successful?  That remains to be seen. 

So who are we?  We are a family of five living in rural Michigan.  We raise goats, chickens, rabbits and Muscovy ducks.  Our children attend a virtual school.  We are involved in 4H and Girl Scouts.  We have too much debt and not enough income.  Or maybe we do have enough income.  Maybe we have been unwilling to make the hard sacrifices.  Maybe we have too many wants we treat as needs. 

So come along and watch as we figure out where to make cuts and how to save as much as we can.  Maybe we'll succeed, maybe we won't.  I'm sure there will be ups and downs.  Maybe we'll inspire someone, and maybe someone will inspire us. 

I want 2014 to be a year of hope for my family and I.   The year we get on top of things (financially and otherwise).  So here we go.........

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